Coir Indonesia

Coconut For the Future. Coconut Derivative Products Company. Coconut the Tree of Life

Established in 2014, Coir Indonesia (PT Agri Lestari Nusantara) is an agribusiness company engaged in integrated coconut processing. As a company committed to developing coconut derivative products, PT Agri Lestari Nusantara is determined to continuously develop superior and high quality products, beneficial to the community and the environment and accepted by the global community.

Coir Indonesia (PT Agri Lestari Nusantara) is committed to contribute to human resource development and the environment. PT Agri Lestari Nusantara has a coconut fiber processing factory producing coir door mat for export market needs in the Sutami Industrial Area – Bandar Lampung.

Coir Indonesia focuses its business in integrated coconut processing through applied technology and network development.

At present Coir Indonesia already exports coir products to several countries such as Germany, Russia, China, Japan, Singapore, USA, Iggris, Australia and South Korea.


To become a global company that is expert inn optimizing coconut added value.


To develop coconut derivative products that are beneficial to stakeholders.

Our Philosophy

To Honor God In All We Do

To Help People Develop

To Pursuit Excellence

To Grow Profitably